About ‘of Alp & Ash’

‘Of Alp & Ash' was born on a (probably rainy) day in the North West of England in 2015, when a laser cutter met a creative with a love of outdoors adventure (that’s me, Debs!)

Products have come and gone over the years as I juggle the business with motherhood and currently I'm focusing on two collections: Contour Coasters & Walking the Wainwrights.

You can read about these collections in detail on my blog

All coasters & Wainwrights boxes are laser cut and carefully finished by hand in a workshop attached to the side of our house. 

About Debs

  • Born and bred in Blackburn in the 80s (coincidentally this is where Alfred Wainwright was born and so I can completely understand why The Lake District made such an impression on him!)
  • Hated walking as a kid, but love it now. Completed the Wainwrights in a year (2014 - 2015) and walked the Coast to Coast alone in 2016. Certain outdoor adventures aren't as easy these days (see next point) but I aim to get out at least once a day for a local walk.
  • Exhausted mum of two daughters: Darby (born November 2017) and Nola (born October 2019). Hiking up mountains has mostly been replaced with a beach, a bucket, and a spade since my girls arrived, but that's OK. "The hills are eternal" after all, and I am excited for the day my girls will join me up a mountain.
  • Raised on camping & caravan holidays. My fond memories of those childhood trips led to us purchase our own family caravan in early 2018. 
  • Love making things and am completely unable to stick with one craft, I want to try everything but crochet is a particular favourite. 
  • Renovating a period property in a painfully slow fashion (the kids have massively slowed the process and I often ask myself what I was doing with my time before they arrived!)
  • Documenting our days through photography and video is something I'm hugely passionate about - my collection of photo books to sob over in later life is growing year on year.
  • Huge fan of (vegan) food.
  • Dining al fresco is my absolute favourite thing to do.
  • INFJ/Enneagram 1.
  • Non-smoker, GSOH ;)